Procrastination (or why I don’t have time to write)

ProcrastinateI really have a story
It’s living in my head
But getting it to paper
Is harder done than said

There’s the necessary day job
That, frankly, is a pain
And chapter volunteering
Sucks ideas from my brain

And then there are the errands
And the other household chores
Like shopping, cooking, dusting,
Doing laundry and the floors

By then, a little R & R
Is what I really need
Computer time, some e-mail,
Time to watch TV and read

And then, of course, the “health” thing
Working out and eating right
And on top of this I’m s’posed to
Get eight hours of sleep a night

I go to chapter meetings,
Join the chats and read the loops
Take lots of online classes
And hang out with writing groups

I glom on to great ideas
Other writers recommend
But the time I spend researching
Isn’t time I have to spend

With Prime, in just two days
Stacks of craft books are all mine
But now I need to read them
And I just can’t find the time

Suggested writing software
To help prioritize
But first I have to load it,
Find my notes and organize

I’ve got some great excuses
Why I don’t have time to write
The reasons vast and many
Some are wrong and some are right

I really have a story
And it’s one I want to write
Perhaps I’ll start tomorrow
‘Cause I’m writing this tonight

© 2017 Leslie Marshman

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